Iterna Profect

Every day is a new beginning. 
Every beginning is the creation of an idea, event, or place. 
This creation is an exploration of thought stretches on for eternity. 

With creation comes destruction. 
For each creation that springs up, there will inevitably be those that meet their untimely end. 
Creation and Destruction, a eternal cycle.

This site, and sub-pages embody this continuous cycle of creation and destruction. 
It is a home for new ideas, places, and anything that one would dream up. 
However with all dreams, some are not destined for eternity to be and fall into the abyss.

Welcome to Iterna Profect.

Eternal Beginning...
        Where creation begins on a daily basis.

Eternal Vision...
        Where visions of future come to pass.

Eternal Journey...
        Where the paths of eternity may be seen.

Eternal Abyss...
        Where creations come to the end of their journey.

Eternal Voyage...
        Where passages to other journeys may begin.